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Option1:  At your home2013-12-17 04.11.06

A Stay At Home Pet Sitter care giver will stay at your home as determined by the Service you determine will meet you and your pets needs.

If you determine a Stay At Home Pet Sitter in your own home is what your pets to be happy, relaxed and comfortable while you are away, you can have piece of mind that we will care for your pet as if they were our own. We will abide by your requests for walks, meals, sleeping arrangements and any other things you feel are important to your pet health and happiness.

Option 2:  You drop your pet off at a Stay At Home Pet Sitters care givers home

A Stay At Home Pet Sitter care giver will provide love and companionship for your pet from the care givers home. All Stay At Home Pet Sitters care givers are bonded and insured.

If you determine you want your pet to have a special pet vacation while you are away then option 2 is for you. Our home becomes your pet’s home. Your pet will become part of the family while staying with a Stay At Home Pet Sitter. We’ll play ball outside, go for walks, and sit together on the couch watching TV. There will be plenty of dog safe toys along with comfortable beds to take a nap. Of course if you want to bring your own bed, blanket and toys that is OK too. Whatever will make your pet feel comfortable that is what you want and so do we.